Whats included in a repipe?

Repairing a home involves demolition, plumbing, rebuilding, and in some cases, using an open flame. Don't try to do any of this yourself. Repipe plumbing is a process by which your plumber will replace all or large parts of your existing plumbing with newer, more durable materials. Copper, PVC and PEX are the preferred materials for replacement.

Each of them is expected to last longer with fewer problems compared to the galvanized water line. Repiping is when you replace your home's old plumbing system with a newer, updated one. This is usually done in older homes with degraded pipes or problems, or during a major home remodel. Repiping, by definition, is replacing the pipes in a house or building.

It's a complete replacement for your water supply plumbing system. This process usually includes removing the old, easily accessible plumbing and then installing the new plumbing system. This will include access to rooms wherever you have plumbing fixtures, the kitchen, bathrooms, sink bar areas, and the attic in most cases. Standard refinish projects include the installation of completely new hot and cold water pipes from the water source to all existing faucets and fixtures.

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